Healthy treats for your little snack monster!

Healthy treats for your little snack monster!

August 16, 2018

Hi Mamas, 
This week has left me reaching for fun & healthy snacks for my Rad Little Lad. 
If your babe is anything like mine, snacks are life!
I'm talking any where between 2-6 snacks a day (besides his 3 main meals)!
Please enjoy these recipes that are

which your babe can feed to themselves-giving you more time to get your Mama hustle on!


This avo, blueberry & oatmeal smoothie recipe is ideal for babes 10 months+. The rich, creamy fruit provides a smooth texture to any smoothie and fills their little body with heart-healthy fats. Prep time is only 5 mins and can double up as a snack on the go for you also!

todddler mexican wrap

This Mexican inspired wrap will keep your babe nice and full & provide lots of energy for their growing body & mind! Start by adding guacamole, which acts as the “glue” in this wrap. Then add some cooked rice, black beans, and top with a little shredded cheese- viola! 3 mins prep & 30 mins of peace while they tackle this bad boy!

This blog has soooo many great, simple wrap ideas >>

Berry and chia seed popsicles for toddlers

As the weather warms up popsicles are a must! This recipe is super nutritious, made with REAL food, REAL ingredients, and tastes absolutely delicious! Your babe will be begging for more!

These epic Pineapple Pikelets are super easy to make, freeze well and contain NO refined sugar. The perfect mess free snack on the go!

I made the HUGE mistake of introducing my little man to a taster of chocolate for the Easter just gone & now i have a little chocoholic on my hands! This heathly alternative is filled with healthy fats and chocolaty goodness. Need we say more? They will never know this recipe includes avocado and sweet potato!


Got a great recipe you would love to share with the Brave & Fearless community? Please share below.




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