May 07, 2018

With Mothers day just around the corner, what better time to write a blog on Self Love.

As a Mama myself i realise taking care of your self, let alone loving one self can be the last thing you think of.

After a little research on this topic (believe me i am guilty of not practising Self Love!) I discovered some really interesting points that i thought must be shared.

Stop. take a minute. & ask yourself these few questions...

Do you teach your children that you come last and they and everyone else comes first?

Do you teach them that you don’t have enough hours in the day to care for yourself?

Do you teach them that stress and being frazzled are normal parts of the day?

Do you teach them they must say yes to everything to make others’ lives easier to the detriment of your own?

Do you teach them that you don’t get a chance to eat or exercise properly?

Do you teach them that’s it’s ok to say you’re too fat, you’re too poor, you’re to tired, you’re too sick?

Well i don't know about you but i was guilty to a few of those! 

So how do you overcome a Hot Mama Mess?!

Firstly you need to understand that you are the vital link holding your little FAM together. It is imperative that you practice self love in order to "teach your children to be true to themselves, to love and understand their authentic self. They will in turn be better able to love others. For they know they are enough."- Rebecca Gibson, Mama Disrupt. (wow i wish the half a dozen mothers of boyfriends past had practiced this! haha ) 

In order to be our best selves we can find stillness in the beautiful storm of motherhood via meditation. >> If you have never tried this please, please give this a go! I was seriously one of those people to impatient to even sit through a yoga class before motherhood- now throw me a 10 min meditation any day! It makes the world if difference to your day!

Find inspiration in others- feel reignited on your mama path! Please comment who inspires you! I personally LOVE Rachelle, the owner of B&F social sharing. She is so raw & truthful about her peaks & falls on her Mama Journey. Follow >>

or Be friend Rach >>

Take a long walk at your fave place to reflect and rethink about the task at hand.

Indulge in a little 'ME time', whether it be as simple as a blow out on a Friday afternoon or a childfree weekend away with the hubby. Its amazing the difference this can make!

Try a monthly Mantra to keep you high vibing & on point! >> Mine is simply "You got this!" LOVE LOVE LOVE! Works a treat for me!

I had an absolute ball flicking back through the archives of all our Brave Mama Pics for this blog that we would love to encourage you all to share your fave pic with your cub this week! Tag #BRAVEMAMA for your chance to WIN a Rock and Roll Baby Doll Matching tee set valued at $88! The winner will be drawn this Mother's Day!

I hope you get as much out of reading this blog as i did writing it! 


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