November 10, 2017

Gabrielle Rose is the hands and eyes that packages each & every Brave & fearless online order. She is also responsible for our marketing  & creative writing and you'll also find her at our stalls The Village Markets & Hide & Seek Market on the Gold Coast.

Gabi has recently completed an Associate Degree in Fashion Design at The Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology, Launched her first Bridal Collection, as a collaboration with my cousins Alex & Ryan’s label ; Gabrielle Rose X Mahiya 
& welcomed her son Oliver Archer into the world!
This is an emerging designer to watch! 

We sat down with Gabi to pick her brain about work & life balance with her new Job role, business & bubba.


Did your view of work change after having Ollie?


Before I had Ollie I had spent 3 blissful years living in Melbourne completing an Associate degree in Fashion Design.  Between running from tram to trains, pulling all nighters to keep to almost impossible deadlines & constantly immersing myself in the culture of the most vibrant city in Australia to discover my personal aesthetic~ this was the most intense time I had experienced in my life. I lived and breathed fashion & was feeling completely inspired and passionate for my craft. It was both extremely challenging & utterly rewarding- the definition of a love/ hate relationship. When I found out I was pregnant with my lil man Oliver I was absolutely delighted & took it as a sign that this was the perfect time to follow my dreams & launch my own label so I had the freedom to work at my own pace beside my bambino. While pregnant I designed & made my very first custom dress for a very dear friend. After Ollie was born I stepped back a little to settle into motherhood. I then began the journey to find the perfect work life balance. 



The dress that started it all

Do you think work and motherhood can successfully coexist?


We can definitely have both, but it takes some serious organisation and routine to ensure everyone has what they need in terms of love, appreciation, development and time. 

I had originally taken a very organic approach to motherhood- nothing to structured & life didn’t seem all that different. However as Ollie grew & I attempted to spend more time developing my business the need for structure and routine was evident.  I accepted help from family & introduced a simple routine tailored to both my fiancé & I’s lifestyle.


The routine is something that constantly needs to be re-evaluated and adapted to each & every stage of Ollies development… I thought my University studies were the most challenging thing I had ever done… motherhood is on a whole different level!

Now feeling comfortable & in control of both roles, I have decided to further my knowledge & experience of fashion management by accepting a distribution & Marketing role with Brave & Fearless. I have always been a big believer that knowledge & experience gained on the job is extremely valuable.

Jacob and I are very thankful for our close family network which enables us to achieve & maintain our work/ life balance. 


What sorts of things do you love to do together as a family?

We make Sundays our day to enjoy together as a family. 

A typical Sunday consists of a stroll down to the beach, followed by a wholesome breaky.  We love trying all the different cafés in our local area, Nobbys Beach. In the afternoon we like to hit the gym or go on a rainforest walk as a family. Ollie loves watching Mum & dad work out from the comfort of his pram… assisted by the entertainment of Baby Jake - We never get sick of the comments about how good he is to be content to go everywhere with us! We like to wind down in the afternoon with a nice swim in the pool or a family flick <3


Every quarter we like to take a long weekend away together. Our last adventure was to Maroochydore on the Sunshine Coast. We love how this little pocket is so quiet & not highly developed. Its amazing what a difference a brief little trip away can make!

I hope you loved this story as much as i loved hearing it!

To celebrate the launch of our weekly blog we would love to give you- our loyal customers 20% off your next purchase.


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