The struggle is REAL

by Rachelle Harvey September 25, 2018

Sending love, peace and comfort to all the women who feel desperate and alone in their roles as mothers, partners, protectors, providers, teachers, business women, house keepers, and the list goes on. Some days it can be just plain hard to see the light.
It can be a tough gig really, trying to keep face when you're just winging it all yourself. Working out what is best and right for your babes and your family is pretty full on at times. Never knowing if the choices are right or wrong and the consequences of it all. The decisions that feel selfish but you know are good for your soul. Or the ones that are selfless but can be incredibly draining. Smiling through those choices, making dinner through the headaches, cleaning through the chaos and working like a ninja while they all's demanding. 
And just know if this sounds familiar you are not alone on this journey. You aren't failing because you feel down, you're not unappreciative of your life because you feel overwhelmed and no you are no weak. You're never weak.
It's beyond a mission at times and it's totally ok to take the time out to take a deep breath or do yoga, or drink your favourite wine and indulge in some cheese or just sit at the beach and cry until the tears stop flowing. 
Whatever it is, whatever your outlet is do it. Do it for you, do it for your partner, your babes, your life and your sanity. Eat the cake, all the cake and don't beat yourself up about the calories or the carbs. You're just going to burn it off tomorrow running after your toddler...right!? lol. Book into a hotel, have a bubble bath and watch Netflix (sounds like dream come true right!). Breathe, connect, dance, sing, drink, write, scream. Just give yourself what your soul needs.
Never apologise for being you! The messy bits, the beautiful bits. The bits people get and the ones they don't, they are all you! And when you truly accept them you'll feel so much better about yourself. No matter what you do in this life. You'll have your haters, the ones that will always find fault in anything and everything you do. You'll never please those peeps so don't even try. It's seriously not worth your emotional wellbeing and your peace of mind. Sometimes they will be hating you form afar and sometimes they might be disguised as someone that loves you. So be careful, protect your family, your tribe and most importantly yourself and your soul. But remember you'll still have those around you that truly love you. Who genuinely laugh at your jokes, who share your happiness and successes and have a grateful heart just because you're in their life and make it better. Those ones are what make this life all worthwhile. They make you smile through the tears and forget what you were ever upset by in the first place. They are apart of your life's true treasures. Keep the safe.
There is nothing about being your authentic self that you need to change. It takes courage to truly be you. So own it, accept every inch of yourself. It's hard but it's worth it. Forget what anyone else thinks, you just have to do you. You are enough.
I'm always here for anyone that ever needs to chat, have a coffee (over Skype unless you're coming to Bali and in that case lets make it a cocktail) or laugh about all the things you didn't achieve today, this week, this year. It's one big crazy rollercoaster and you're not on it alone. Let's make it a less crazy ride and know we are all on it together. Feel free to email us or DM us and let's keep this motherhood gig real as one x
Love Rach xx

Rachelle Harvey
Rachelle Harvey


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