Taming the toddler tornado

Taming the toddler tornado

November 08, 2018

Next month My Rad little lad, Ollie turns TWO and believe me "The terrible twos" are already in full force!
Up until now i have loosly disciplined him but hadn't enforced any real routine or structure as i felt he wasn't mentally ready to really understand.
After extensive research i have found some really interesting ideas to try that i thought i would share with the Brave Community.
First things first. A calm corner/ area must be established.
Ive opted for a plush bean bag which provides a hugging sensation, offering a cradled, secure feeling.

calm corner bean bag toddler relaxation

I added a soft toy to cuddle and some wooden blocks in a neutral tone to let his little mind rest in this extremely fast paced world.

Other great ideas i came across were...

I thought the fur was a nice comforting touch.

Adding a book about being calm could also help your child to understand why they are feeling the way they do and how to over come it. A colouring book would also provide a relaxing activity.

toddler calm corner hanging chair

A swinging chair could also be a great way to distract your little one from their overwhelming emotions.

While in the calm corner you could teach your child simple deep breathing meditation. You could also pop some essential oils in a diffuser.

I like this combo...

toddler relaxation essential oils

If your babe responds better to colour, these are some fun sensory bottles that you could enjoy creating together.

toddler relaxation sensory bottles

I hope this research helps you as much as it helped me!








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