It's a Privilege To See A Soul....Are you Being Authentic?

by Rachelle Harvey July 12, 2018

Yes, social media is amazing and I do love it to stay in touch with people worldwide and also for business promotion however we are filtering our lives so much that we've forgotten to show people who we truly are. How to bare our souls and make genuine, deep connections.


People are relying on social media followers & ‘likes’ to boost their self worth...this is honestly so sad and I truly hate that this is the world that my son will one day be exposed too. (I'll certainly be holding off for as long as I can before he's on any socials).


Relying on social media for self-worth means people are spending huge amounts of time snapping millions of photos of themselves before they ‘get the shot’ with the final image being ridiculously filtered, highly posed images that are not a true and authentic representation of their real life. Living in Bali I have never seen so much inauthenticity. People arriving at trendy cafes to take photos of their food and leaving without even taking a bite of the food! (can you imagine, in a third world country!!). Bloggers & influences travelling all over Bali to visit amazing places like waterfalls, rice fields, forest swings, cliff edge pools completely for the sole purpose of "Doin' it all for the Gram" and getting their perfect shots. I've personally been there seeing the hours and hours of posing, outfit changes and styling without them enjoying a single moment or experiencing the sheer beauty of the location. (But they got their shot for their socials, so it's all ok right!?).


Spending all the time that we do (myself included, this is definitely a work in progress for me) means that we are spending less and less time with REAL, AUTHENTIC humans, experiencing REAL, AUTHENTIC connection and intimacy. 


We've forgotten that deeply seeing each other and being in authentic relationships are inherently part of being human. 


I am always astounded, awed and eternally grateful that I get to see a persons unaltered process as they step into the space of their vulnerability and open up their hearts. How rare and beautiful it is to be able to see another persons soul.


 It's important to me to show not only the good highlight reels of my life but also the bad at times. It can be so damaging on the psyche to feel a need to wear a mask all of the time. No-one has a perfect life, it's all a rollercoaster of highs and lows, light & dark and it's ok to be your authentic self and show that.


I could write about this topic more but I won’t, mainly because I want you off your phones and computers and in real life instead. Let's all work on creating a life that FEELS good on the inside not that just LOOKS good on the outside.



Rachelle Harvey
Rachelle Harvey


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