Toilet Training 101

Toilet Training 101

September 13, 2018

With summer just around the corner, what better time to start thinking about toilet training your toddler.


There is no perfect age to tackle this task but watch out for subtle hints like taking an interest in the toilet or potty, fewer wet nappies, soiling patterns, sounds & facial expressions, showing voluntary control, dry nappies after nap, ability to pull nappies up & down & expressing confidence & independence.

The perfect time for you Mama or Dada is when you have 3 consecutive days to focus on the task at hand!


Go shopping with your Rad Little Lad or Hip Little Chick for a potty or toilet training seat, training toys/ treats (YEP bribery goes a long way for this task!), cool new big gal/ boy underpants (now is the time to FINALLY let them wear their fave characters on a piece of clothing haha) & some colourful stickers to reward their progress on their epic progress board we have prepared for you! Its important that your mini is included in the entire process so they fully understand what is going on & that it is a fun process that will gain rewards for both of you! WINNING!



Dress your babe as usual but DO NOT put on a nappy. Let your little one say adios to the nappy!

Start the day with a fibre rich breaky & extra fluids to get the process rollin.

Point to the potty chair/ seat and tell your babe to inform you when they want to go pee or poop. Explain that they pee or poop in the potty only & when they do they can add a sticker to the Rad chart & in turn gain a prize from the potty training rewards you chose together earlier.

brave and fearless toilet training

Go about the usual routine around the house, but stay within close proximity. Watch out for any cues indicating that your babe wants to relieve themselves.

When your babe gives you a cue sit them on the potty and encourage them to go poop or pee pee. 

Praise when you have success or guide calmly when required.

Once done, wipe the bottom clean with a toilet tissue. Let your babe see how you do it and the next day, let them try to do it by themselves, with your help.

After they are done, ask them to put on their shorts. Do not give them underpants in the early stages as they may cause confusion.

Before going to bed, take them to potty and ask them if they would like to go pee.


*For nighttime potty training, experts recommend setting the alarm and waking up your little one to visit the toilet at regular intervals. It may be challenging, but it can help the toddler understand the vitality of bladder and bowel control outside the toilet. Alternatively you can opt to carry on with night time nappies until they are a little older.

Heres a little certificate to reward your RAD Little Lad or HIP little chick:

potty training certificate


Stay positive. Stay calm. Be persistant & consistent. Try to have fun with it...
Good luck!

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