Our Brave & Fearless leather jackets are ridiculously stylish! They are all hand crafted and your little one will get so many compliments!

But the sizing is important. If you're unsure of what size I always suggest going up a size. A stylish leather jacket never goes out of fashion so if you purchase one a little larger you'll get more wear of it for several seasons to come.

When taking measurements, please be sure to measure the shoulder from the top of the shoulder right down knuckle this allows movement in the jacket when your littles put their arms up in the air.

We stock 2 different types of leather jackets one is our "Deadly Leather Jacket" this is made from the highest quality grade leather available. The "Save Your Hide" leather jacket is for the people who don't support leather and can rest assured it's the highest quality non leather you can get. It's a little stiffer than the Deadly leather but the quality and craftsmanship is just as good.

We stock 00-0-1-2-3-4-5-6-7-8-9-10. Please allow a 4 week turn around for your jacket however you will usually receive it sooner but some may have to be ordered in.

Size 2  Size 4 Size 6
Shoulder to Shoulder 28 cm Shoulder to Shoulder 30 cm Shoulder to Shoulder 32 cm
Sleeve 40 cm Sleeve 41.5cm Sleeve 43 cm
Chest 32 cm Chest 33.5 cm Chest 35 cm
Hip 31 cm Hip 32.5 cm Hip 34 cm
Length 45 cm Length 45 cm Length 47 cm
Size 8 Size 10
Shoulder to Shoulder 34 cm Shoulder to Shoulder 36 cm
Sleeve 44.5 cm Sleeve 46 cm
Chest 36.5 cm Chest 38 cm
Hip 35.5 cm Hip 37 cm
Length 48.5 cm Length 50 cm