So how was Brave & Fearless born? Well 10 years ago I had grand plans to move to Melbourne and study fashion design. I wanted to start a clothing label for little boys, mainly tee's that were funky and limited runs so that not every little boy was decked out in the same gear. Did that it didn't life took over and I never got there.

Then 8 years later I had a beautiful little boy come into my life and brighten it like never before...his name was Koa. We chose that name because we thought it was cool and once we found out that the meaning meant Brave & Fearless Warrior we thought it was even cooler!

I never really loved baby-ish things. Koa's room was Black and Aqua because the thought of Baby Blue wasn't to my taste at all. So when it came to clothes I felt the same about the baby blue onesies covered with puppies.. never liked them! I was more into funky little tees styled with a grandpa hat to dress Koa in. But outfits like that were very few are far between so I decided to finally pursue my passion and start designing the collection I had wanted to all those year ago.

Sounds easy right... no it hasn't been easy but it sure has been fun and very rewarding! After feeding, changing, playing, reading, changing, feeding, changing, feeding, bathing & changing it can be hard to sit down at the end of the day and let the creative juices flow but I got there! And I'm really proud of my collection and nothing makes me prouder than seeing a Rad Little Lad wearing one of my pieces.

I've chosen gorgeous comfy fabrics for our babes as fashion CAN be comfortable (just not if you're a woman lol). Our tee's are limited edition so once they sell out, they sell out we won't be restocking them so your little man can be unique and stand out.

As Brave & Fearless grows I love it more every day. You can be sure you'll only find original designs here, raw edging, quality fabric and one off pieces you won't find elsewhere.

I'd like to thank everyone who has purchased from us, followed us on social media or shared the love by telling their friends and family about's greatly appreciated. We have some big plans to make a real impact on the world and Brave & Fearless will be the perfect platform to do just that. Keep following us as you might just see a real soulful kickstarter campaign very soon featuring 2 characters Brave Boy & Fear.Less girl!

Much Love Rach x